Thursday, January 24, 2008


We are hosting a special edition of BADuppies due to DeafRead conference next weekend, thus the reason for us to get together and meet/greet new and old faces!

WHEN: Friday, February 1javascript:void(0)

TIME: 6p til close (last call is at 12:30am)

WHERE: Steelhead Brewing Company
333 California St.
Burlingame, CA

We will be mainly using the back room which has a pool table! Spread the word and come!

See you there!


tayler said...

1. Head southwest on Anza Blvd toward Airport Blvd
213 ft

2. Turn right at Airport Blvd
0.7 mi 1 min

3. Take the ramp to San Jose/US-101 S
0.2 mi

4. Merge onto Broadway
0.2 mi
1 min

5. Slight right at Rollins Rd
16 ft

6. Turn left at Broadway
0.1 mi
1 min

7. Turn left at California Dr
1.1 mi

tayler said...

Oops. I clicked to publish instead of preview. Above are the directions from Embassy Suites to Steelhead Brewery Company. See you there!

John said...

I am excited to meet with you all there.

John Egbert

LaRonda said...

Cool! I've been waiting for this announcement! I'll try to make it at some point before the bewitching hour! :)

~ LaRonda

Chris said...

Just curious: how do i get there from the bart?

David S. said...
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Mr said...

Chris (and others):

it appears to be across from the Caltrain station for Burlingame. It's not near BART (the Millbrae station is about a mile north). I'd take Caltrain all the way, or change from BART to Caltrain at Millbrae.

Someone who's more familiar with that area may have better ideas.