Tuesday, May 1, 2007

post-april baduppies

After the April's Baduppies ended, Jennifer, the manager at Rye, gave me a glowing remark about Baduppies. She said that it was one of the best animated moments she ever bartended when we the deaf professionals rocked Rye's. Just prior to this Baduppies event, she even had Aaron, another bartender, run to a local store nearby to get two dryboard and dry markers for this occasion. So, she wants me to inform y'all that Rye was very grateful for having you peepos at the bar. She hopes that you'll stop by Rye's whenever you're nearby so she and Aaron can get inspired to do some magical bartending for you!

Now, here are the pictures that you've been waiting for:

If you can't see the slideshow, go toBaduppies - April 2007

Thanks to Karina and Nini for taking the pictures!

See you next month then!

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